An A-Level geography field trip goes wild!

The theme of this walking tour was sustainability. We talked about transport – how all spectators had been issued with Travelcards, along with a warning there would be no on-site parking for spectators during the Games. We covered the use of recycled materials used during construction, including previously-contaminated soil, and how waste material was dealt with during the Games.

The students explored the Waterglades and wetland areas, learned about the use of recycled water the in zero-carbon East Village which had been home to the athletes. They learned all about the Park’s selection as one of the first European SSDs (Smart Sustainable Districts).

Students enjoying a bit of down time.

It was time for a break and to let off some steam. I won’t forget seeing them giggling and screaming as they climbed up into the treehouse and crossed the wobbly bridge – even the teachers! We got a lovely letter from the school afterwards commenting how the tour had been the ideal mixture of learning and fun. They were planning to return the following year to see how the Park develops.